Initial Reading and Math Testing

Little Bookworm, Whittier, California provides reading and math testing to determine students’ academic level.Our initial evaluation allows us to calibrate tutoring sessions to meet your child’s unique needs.


Initial Evaluation

If a student needs specific skills, initial evaluation will be required. Our reading test covers word recognition, reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, and writing. The test is administered by an experienced, credentialed teacher.

Math testing covers the concepts and skills according to the state math standards for each grade level. Math tests are administered by one of our experienced math tutors. Each test takes an hour and the results are discussed with the parent immediately following the assessment.

Based on the results of the test, a program is designed to fit your child’s personal academic needs. Please call for more information on our initial evaluation and affordable assessment fee.

Contact us in Whittier, California, to find out more about our individualized tutoring services.

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